Tim Minchin Is Bringing One Of His Music Videos To Live At Perth Festival

Tim Minchin At Perth Festival


Tim Minchin is collaborating with his childhood and animator Tee Ken Ng to bring one of his music videos to life. Tee Ken Ng is a well-renowned Perth-based artist, filmmaker, animator, and designer. He has engaged in quite a number of important projects with the likes of Grammy Award winning musicians, Google, Twitter, Netflix, Perrier, and a host of other commissions.

As a result, Ng has built a wonderful reputation with a global reach. In this project, he brings his wealth of animating experience to collaborate with his fellow Perth luminary on a project based on a recent animated music video.

The video in question is the clip to Minchin’s track Leaving LA which is off his recently released debut album Apart Together. Tim Minchin and Tee Ken Ng previously worked together to create the clip.

Now they plan to bring that clip to life by making it into a three-dimensional project that combines hand-made zoetropes, video, camera-phones, and projection. The piece is presented with the skillful use of swirling hand-made zoetropes in a way that reveals the unique and immense charm as well as the wonderful and skillful art and craft of Ng’s animation practice.

On the project, Ng is able to create a unique sense of being within the animation by combining live projections of the moving zoetropes and an accompanying soundtrack. This way, one is easily immersed completely as the entire artwork comes to life.

Videographer shoots a music video for the raper

Speaking on the project, Tim Minchin said that this project is one of the most wonderful pieces of animation he has ever seen. Minchin went further to state that even the physical zoetropes on their own are already beautiful works of sculpture.

He mentions that he was completely blown away by the melding of art and science that is used to make the characters come alive. According to Minchin, the project is incredibly complex while at the same time being beautifully simple. It is an amazing project that seeks to take the experience to a whole new level.

Tee Ken Ng, who is the animator working on the project, also explained that in order to illustrate the narrative of the song, he came up with an idea that a combination of paper constructed animation with spinning zoetropes would effectively create a captivating illusory world where Tim is trapped in like a rat on a wheel and would have to eventually escape from.

The project is being made to be presented at the Perth Festival, also known as the Perth International Arts Festival. This festival is Australia’s longest-running cultural festival and provides a platform to showcase various artworks and crafts.

The program also features dance, theatre, contemporary and classical music as well as many other forms of art. The Perth Festival holds quite the significance to Australian creatives and is definitely one of the best places to showcase such an elaborate and beautiful project that Tim Minchin is creating.