There’s An INXS Musical On The Way (Yes, Really)

INXS Coming Up


Yes, you saw that right. There is a musical in the making that is going to feature songs from the Australian legendary band INXS. The project is a joint venture between Michael Cassel Group- a music entertainment company and Petrols Records. Michael Cassel Group has previously worked on musical projects such as The Lion King and Harry Potter & The Cursed Child.

The group would be bringing its vast experience in making musicals into the INXS project. On the other hand, Petrol Records plays the role of bringing the band’s iconic back catalogue to life as well as expand on some stories told in some of their greatest hits.

INXS, which was originally formed in 1977, is renowned for its work both domestically and internationally. With founding members Garry Gary Beers, Andrew Farriss, Jon Farris, Tim Farriss, Michael Hutchence, and Kirk Pengilly; the band was able to make a name for itself in the decades following its inception. The band has contributed immensely to the music industry and has to its name over 60 million sold records globally.

In addition, INXS Is Grammy nominated and has received multiple ARIA awards while also being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. They have also attained massive success with their album The Very Best, which is set to become certified diamond, having sold more than 500,000 copies in Australia alone.

Speaking on the project, Petrol Records Founder and Chairman CM Murphy stated that INXS’s music continues to advance past new boundaries and is still capturing the hearts and attention of people in different countries around the world. He went further to state that INXS’s music is quite similar in substance to poetry as it does a good job of telling not just any stories but extraordinarily beautiful stories.

He also mentioned that the focus of the project is discovering the best ways to explore these stories and take them into the whole new dimension of the theatre. According to him, being able to speak about creating something unique and new is special, especially at such a time when everything is dark. He hopes that this project can constitute a light at the end of the darkness

Furthermore, Michael Cassel of Michael Cassel Group added that working on this INXS musical affords an exciting opportunity to develop a truly new story in the theatre while being able to make use of INXS’s extraordinary catalogue that has received global acclaim and has been enjoyed throughout the decades both in Australia and in the entire world.

He adds that the development of new works is of primary importance to the success of the theatrical industry and that this is even truer now, more than ever. Michael Cassel goes on to state that there are so many amazing stories that could be told and his company wants to invest and cultivate such an environment where these amazing stories can be properly developed and shared in new and exciting ways.

Michael adds that there’s no better person than CM to work with through the process of starting the creative development on this show. He mentions that he has been chatting with CM for quite some time about this project and he is really excited that the development of the project is finally underway.

With this information, the band seems to have projects coming out for their lovely fans. The team has promised to come back in full force with beautiful music like never before. Keep an eye out for more updates so you don’t miss out.