Russell Howard ‘Approved’ To Enter Australia This Month For Comedy Tour

As with several other events that were supposed to take place in 2020, Russell Howard’s Respite world tour could not hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The planning of the tour in Australia had already gone into full force when the entire process was frustrated by the COVID-19 pandemic that completely paralysed the entire world.

As a result, Russell Howard and his team really didn’t have any choice but to reschedule the entire tour. Thankfully, however, things are calming down now and events can start taking place again.

In light of this, Russell Howard has finally received approval to gain entrance into Australia for the Respite World Tour. The tour was originally scheduled for 2020 but will now hold in February 2021. Promoters Live Nation have confirmed that Russell Howard has successfully gained entry into the country to complete the tour.

The approval granted to Russell Howard has brought the event forward, considering that it was meant to take place in July 2021. The tour is set to kick off on the Gold Coast in February, after which Russell would proceed through Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and finally, Melbourne.

This is actually the second rescheduling of the Respite world tour in Australia, and as such, some fans are not taking it very well. Many fans are quite frustrated that the tour would be taking place earlier than planned since this will unsettle various flight and accommodation arrangements made for the previous dates.

Conversely, several others are really excited that shows can finally happen again and that Russell Howard would be performing in cities as early as February.

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It is also necessary to state that the nature of the approval granted to Russell Howard is not still very clear. Questions like what exactly Howard’s exemption from travel restrictions really implies and whether Russell would have to comply with the 14 days of hotel quarantine required. Live Nation is expected to clarify the exact status of the approval soon.

It is noteworthy that this tour is not only special because of the COVID-19 circumstances, it is also pretty historical as it would effectively make Russell Howard the very first stand-up comedian that is from the Northern Hemisphere to perform in New Zealand and Australia since the global lockdown that occurred in 2020.

Expectedly, as a result of the COVID-19, the show will not be conducted in a regular manner. In compliance with existing COVID-19 restrictions, the show has been structured in the form of two separate performances to better protect the audience.

Those who will have to attend the second performance set to take place in March would reissue new tickets, as reported by Live Nation. Other existing tickets, however, continue to remain valid. So far, so good; these are the updates on the event. For further information, interested participants should keep tabs on our platform to get instant information.